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About us

H&R SOLUTIONS was established in 2015.

The employees and managerial staff with extensive experience in maintenance and painting are the foundation of our company.

The company operates in onshore and offshore industry both locally and abroad (e.g. France).

We cooperate with various companies including: Remontowa S.A., Muehlhan Polska Sp. z o.o., Fast Sp. z o.o., Mar-Tom Sp. z o.o., ENEA Wytwarzanie – Elektrownia Kozienice.

The company uses its own specialized equipment for corrosion protection works, which allows us to provide comprehensive services and achieve the highest quality of our technical and production solutions. We provide our customers with technical support and consulting at every stage.


Marine industry

Extensive experience in offshore corrosion protection, qualified personnel and comprehensive resource base guarantee the …


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Rope access

We have always aimed high, and the highest quality of maintenance and painting services …